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Mobility and energy for body and mind

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Ki Song ® - the teaching of energizing movement

A unique method: to train body and mind with targeted exercises.
Relaxed expression & posture, lasting improvement of strength & mobility.

Ki Song comprises a series of finely tuned movement exercises. They lead to an attentive movement and collect the mind in calm serenity.
Ki Song exercises are characterized by a balanced interplay of tension and relaxation. In the flow of breath they vitalize and center body and mind. Easy to integrate into everyday life, perception and attention for the body are cautiously and individually trained. Ki Song leads to a noticeable strengthening of one's own strength and improves mobility.

Everyone can learn Ki Song - into old age.

Ki Song movement principles

consists of complementary and mutually influencing couples

Energetic Centre & Connection

A powerful, dynamic centre makes expressive, lively and vital!

The deep three-dimensional structures in the pelvis and lower abdomen are activated by Ki Song exercises in a new, dynamic way.

This leads to an active'energetic centre' which is connected to all areas of the body, dynamically compresses with increasing strain and relaxes completely at rest. This is achieved by loosening the superficial muscles, especially in the tense shoulder/neck area.

Move & Relax

Do not let yourself be disturbed and at the same time move dynamically, freely and in many ways!

Movement gets the circulation going and is directed outwards, while relaxation leads back to rest, inwards, to us'self'.

Although they appear to be opposing activities, both have different effects on different

ways to energize the body. Feeling'at home' in the body is the result, as well as safe & harmonious movement.

Balance & Flow

Keep your balance in the hectic pace of everyday life and move fluently in every situation!

Ki Song exercises promote both physical and mental balance and lead to a harmonious flow of movement. This creates balance and increases physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Flow helps to release joint blockages and thus expands the'free' space for movement. All parts of the body are fluidly connected, which relieves the spine and leads to improved permeability, mobility and straightness.

Power & Flexibility

too much or too little is unhealthy a balanced degree of both is desirable

With the Ki Song exercises the strength is built up sensitively throughout the whole body: in all regions and in a balanced relationship to each other. At the same time, special attention is paid to elasticity. Targeted breathing combines both strength and mobility, which prevents overstraining and imbalances.

Muscular rigidity and blockages are released, resulting in a flexible ability to move and a high reactivity for all situations.


Instructor – Team

  • and teach Ki Song
  • respond individually to participants
  • personal correction
  • Assessing the ability to move
  • with all aspects of movement
  • understand the structure of the bodies
  • Movement principles connect the mind in calm serenity

Where does Ki Song come from?

Ki Song was developed from Buddhist tradition by Dharma Master Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim for our everyday life in the western world and has been practiced every morning in the Lotus Buddhist Monastery in Hawaii for over 25 years.

Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim travelled and taught for over 35 years in many European countries and founded the Lotus Buddhist Monastery Hawaii in 1993.

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